Perfect Iced Tea

perfect iced tea 1

Summer means iced tea for me and I like to bring a travel cup of iced tea to work with me rather than stopping somewhere to buy it. If you want the perfect glass of iced tea, you’ve got to plan ahead a little bit. Sometimes I forget and make this in the morning before heading to work thinking that I can just pour hot tea over ice and it’s not as good. A mason jar is a perfect brewing container because it’s made to withstand boiling water. For an individual serving use a 12 ounce size jar and for multiple servings use the large 24 ounce jar. Read more…

What does strawberry shortcake and Fiddle Faddle have in common?

shortcake vs fiddle faddle

They are both very strong food memories for me. I’ve been considering the value of food memories lately and think that it’s extremely important to establish happy food memories for my kids. For instance, I can’t eat a bowl of strawberry shortcake without thinking of my grandparents from New Brunswick. Strawberry shortcake was served each and every time I visited them because they were passionate about growing strawberries in their garden. I can picture my grandmother’s tiny kitchen and how sometimes I would find a biscuit on the floor. Their eyesight was fading so a biscuit on the floor was not always noticed. My grandfather’s family owned a large strawberry farm near Grand Lake when my father was young and I’m sure strawberries evoke a similar happy food memory for him as well. Read more…

Food Babe’s Low Sugar Cookies

Food Babe Cookies 1

I feel that I must explain myself… my absence from my blogs… it’s simple… real estate transactions consumed all of my energy over the last several months. I did not realize how nerve-wracking buying and selling a house could be. I watch HGTV and am a big fan of the Property Brothers and Love It or List It. That all seems so simple with some drama thrown in for good entertainment. I’ve decided that drama in real life is not fun. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details of our transactions because I really don’t want to relive them but I’ll just say that I lost mountains worth of sleep over the last few months. It’s been two weeks since we have moved into the new house and I’ve finally started to feel settled. I’m back to blogging and promise to share lots of delicious recipes frequently from now on. Read more…

Roasted Sweet Potato and Goat Cheese Quiche

sweet potato and goat cheese quiche

We had a neighborhood party this weekend and I wanted to serve a vegetarian option. Sweet potato quiche is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and this fit the bill for the party. This quiche was a hit at the party with several people although I think the goat cheese scared some people off.  My 83-year-old neighbor came back for seconds. Read more…

Pot Sticker Dumplings – encore

Here is one my most viewed recipes. I am reposting as an encore and an update.

Chinese dumplings are something I’ve been wanting to make for over a year. I had a recipe torn from the February 2010 issue of Family Fun magazine. That same issue also had a recipe from Nancy McDermott for scallion pancakes. I was inspired to order Nancy’s cookbook called “Quick & Easy Chinese” because of those scallion pancakes. This weekend I finally got around to making Chinese dumplings but I used the recipe from the cookbook instead. I was hoping that I could get the whole family involved in the folding of the dumplings but they ended up getting wrapped up watching a movie so I ended up making them on my own. It was fun but a little time consuming. Save this recipe for a day when you’ve got about 90 minutes available to prepare your dinner. Read more…

Quinoa Patties

quinoa patties 1

I’ve started an exercise regime called Focus T25 this past week. I’m blaming peer pressure on this one because nearly everyone in my department at work is doing the same program. So far I am amazed with the results. It’s a tough 25 minutes each morning but it’s only 25 minutes so it’s over quickly. I’m told that this week I’ll feel like the workouts are easier and I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’m not aiming to lose weight but rather to get strong. That’s one of my core desired feelings.

Read more…

Four of My Favorite Things

Beacon Hill tea 2

One of my best methods in getting my kids to change their attitudes about trying new foods is to talk about my favorite things. Because I try new things all the time I make it a point to emphasize when I try something that becomes a new favorite. It works with more than just food too. I declare a glass mug as my favorite mug and the kids are soon fighting over who gets to use it next. Here a four things that are making my heart sing lately. Read more…


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