Tonight I made something that was new to us several months ago but has turned into a staple on our menu. When I mentioned to my daughter that Winey Chicken was once something new she tried she argued “It can’t be new, we eat that all the time.” It is a recipe from Dalai Mama Dishes and you can find it here:

It is so easy and quick for a weeknight dinner. The kids called it Winey Chicken and it stuck. I like to add in some chopped cilantro and tomatoes on my serving. Everyone else just eats egg noodles with the chicken and sauce poured over it.

Preparing the chicken tenders. I prefer the thin sliced chicken but they didn't have them at the store.

After I patted the chicken dry with a paper towel and sprinkled with coarse salt.

These cook very quickly.

A little extra garnish for me.

They probably should be a little more browned than this but I was worried about overcooking those little tenders.

The extra butter and oil make some pretty designs as the wine reduces.

My serving includes cilantro and tomatoes.