About a month ago my husband asked me what I wanted to Mother’s Day and I responded that I wanted this cookbook. He wondered where he could get it and I just told him that I would order it myself from Amazon.com. I couldn’t wait until Mother’s Day and I’ve already made several recipes from it. I really love this cookbook because of the table of contents. The cookies are grouped by texture and each one is shown with a photo next to the page number to find the recipe.  I totally love it.

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Last night I mixed up the dough and tonight I baked Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies. Ginger is my favorite scent and flavor. My daughter was very interested in the cookies and commented that they smelled great while they were baking. I’m sure that she’ll try them tomorrow the first chance that she gets. (It was bedtime while they were baking.) I didn’t have enough of the chocolate chunks that were required in the recipe so some of the cookies ended up without any of the chocolate in them. Those ones are not quite sweet enough. Next time I’ll make sure that I have enough of the chocolate.

Rolling the dough in the sugar. You need to work on this dough quickly.

The cookies before baking. I love using parchment paper.