For some reason I had in my mind that I needed to bake a tart. I had been thinking specifically about a pear tart since Thursday and I found this recipe at Everyday Food. This afternoon I made the tart but while it tastes wonderful, I think the texture is not quite right. It is almost like it is missing some flour. It is very crumbly. I was rather amazed about how much it rose without any leavening in the batter. Also, I couldn’t bring myself to buy the giant jar of apple jelly at the store so I substituted raspberry jam which I think goes well with the almond flavor. Anyway it’s back to the search bar for more tart recipes for me. I want to find one that is more like a shortbread cookie for the crust.

Fresh from the oven, the batter leaked under the removable bottom. Thankfully I had anticipated that and placed it on a pizza pan.

Quite delicious but it is so crumbly that it is difficult to cut.