One of our favorite snacks after school is popcorn. We don’t do microwave popcorn because I think it just doesn’t taste right plus who needs any extra chemicals. It’s just as quick and easy to throw some oil and popcorn in a pan on the stove. The kids are happy with just butter and salt on their bowls of popcorn but I prefer something a little more sophisticated. My Dad brought me a variety of popcorn flavor shakers this past December from Canada. I’ve already used all the ketchup flavor and have moved on to the dill pickle flavor. Today I decided to added some of my fresh dill for a gourmet version of my popcorn.

Dill Popcorn

  • freshly popped plain popcorn
  • grape-seed oil (in a spray bottle if you can get it)
  • bottle of dill pickle seasoning (my favorite is Kernels but it seems they don’t offer this flavor anymore, at least not online)
  • fresh dill, snipped with scissors
  • cayenne pepper

Spray the popcorn generously with the grape-seed oil. Sprinkle with the seasoning, dill and cayenne pepper. Enjoy! If you can’t find that dill pickle seasoning you can add extra dill and sprinkle with salt.

Club House also makes a dill pickle seasoning but I prefer the Kernels one since it doesn't have MSG.

It's my favorite snack.

Everything is better with cayenne pepper.