Today I was pondering what else to do with my locally harvested strawberries. This morning I had a strawberry banana smoothie and considered making strawberry limeade but my limes were not producing enough juice. So I was browsing foodgawker and this photo caught my eye. What luck that I had all the ingredients to make Strawberry Rhubarb Tart from Bella Eats! Yes, I do get excited about things like this. I kind of felt like the planets were aligned in my favor. 🙂 I picked up some rhubarb at the store on a whim that my son might like it since he sometimes likes sour food. The cashier at the store gave me a strange look and asked “What is this?” when she was ringing up the rhubarb. Maybe she’ll remember next week because I’m definitely buying more rhubarb. I’m going to make this for a family cookout to impress my relatives.

This tart was great fun to make. The anticipation was hard to take especially when I was waiting for everything to cool so I could assemble the tart. But when I was laying down the strawberries and it was all coming together so beautifully I knew I had chosen the right recipe for today.  The next hard part was waiting for it to set before I could taste it. And taste it I did… I couldn’t wait and had a slice while dinner was cooking and immediately cut myself another slice. This tart will not last very long. My husband even expressed interest in trying it out because he said it smelled so good.

I will use this tart crust recipe again. I also thought the color of the rhubarb syrup was incredible.

Bella Eats made mini tarts but I'm in love with my tart pan so I had to make a 9" tart.