This weekend I picked up some Rainier Cherries at the grocery store. Apparently finding Rainier Cherries at the grocery store is rare. Everything I’ve read mentions that you can only find them at farmer’s markets. I guess Saturday was my lucky day. I am a big fan of cherries and when I noticed the beautiful color of these cherries I had to try them. Surprisingly they are sweeter than the regular black cherries you can usually find at the grocery store. My son and I ate the ones in the picture for a snack (notice the little X from the Cherry Chomper) but I still have a fair amount of them left. Now that I’ve done a little research about these sweet beauties I’m feeling a little bit of pressure to bake responsibly so the rest don’t go to waste.  Did you know that in Japan Rainier Cherries can cost as much as a dollar per cherry? Yes, per cherry! Okay, I need some ideas on what to do with the rest of my cherries. I’ve only found one recipe that has peaked my interest so far.