I know the suspense was killing you about what I was going to do with those Rainier Cherries.  There is a great recipe in those comments for Bublanina which I will definitely make the next time I buy a bunch of cherries. If you haven’t already guessed I made some muffins. I didn’t have quite enough cherries left to make the entire batch of muffins with cherries so I followed Jen’s lead from Bakin’ and Eggs and made half the muffins with cherries and the other half with strawberries.  It really wasn’t any trouble doing this recipe that way and I’m thrilled with how they turned out.  The muffins are chock full of fruit with a hint of cinnamon. I also think that blueberries would be a wonderful choice for this recipe. Here is Jen’s recipe for Strawberry (or Cherry) Muffins.

A strawberry muffin before and after baking.

A cherry muffin before and after baking.

Muffin with Rainier Cherries.

Strawberry muffin

I can't decide which muffins I like better. The flavor of the strawberries really stand out but the cherries are very sweet.