What to do on a rainy Sunday? Play games and bake. We were playing Bananagrams while the muffins baked. I made two delicious recipes yesterday. The first of which used up some of the rhubarb I bought at the grocery store this weekend. You see I went a little overboard on buying rhubarb. I bought all the rhubarb that was left at the grocery store and stopped in at a farm-stand on the way home to get local strawberries and I bought even more rhubarb because it looked much better from the farm-stand. I made the Strawberry Rhubarb Tart again for a cookout on Saturday that was cancelled because of the rain.  My lucky in-laws got the tart since I can’t eat it all by myself. I had bookmarked this recipe from Rosa’s Yummy Yum’s last week because it sounded so delicious. I love pretty much anything with ginger.

These Ginger Rhubarb Muffins were a very easy recipe. Since Rosa made her own changes I also made some adjustments.  I used plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, changed the castor sugar to regular white sugar and sprinkled the tops of the muffins with brown sugar. The batter was very thick which I think is unusual for a muffin. The flavor is very good and I will definitely make these again. I’m planning on keeping these muffins to myself to have with my breakfast smoothie all week.

Make sure to chop up the rhubarb into very small pieces.

I used plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.

The texture of these muffins were not the same as Rosa's.

These might be my new favorite muffins.