My husband suggested that I share his recipe for homemade fried rice. He throws this together whenever we make General Janna’s Chicken. It is a nice addition and is better than the fried rice from a mix. It also uses up some of the bacon fat that we’ve been collecting after I had the idea that it might be useful for cooking. So far this is the only thing we use it for and since we cook bacon almost every Friday night with dinner we’ve accumulated a lot of bacon fat. Anyone have any ideas on what to use bacon fat in?

Our jar of bacon fat.

Homemade Fried Rice

  • 2 cups of instant white rice, cooked as directed
  • 1 egg, scrambled with a little milk mixed in
  • 3-4 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 3 Tbsp bacon fat, cooled
  • 1 Tbsp ground ginger (I’m estimating on the spices because he doesn’t measure it.)
  • 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 2-3 scallions, sliced
  • soy sauce (to taste)

Using 1 Tbsp of the bacon fat, heat in a non-stick pan until melted and then cook egg, scrambling it into bite-size pieces. Fry up the scallions in another bit of bacon fat until soft. Add the rice and remaining ingredients; mix and cook until the rice is hot.  My husband tastes this throughout cooking and adjusts the spices and soy sauce until he feels it is just right.

We always add the extra yolks from the General Tso's Chicken so we don't waste them.

Mix everything evenly.

My brother taught me this little trick for fried rice. Fill a 1/2 cup measuring cup and invert over a plate.