I love finding new and interesting blogs and the latest one I’ve been perusing is called She Wears Many Hats. Amy posted a great recipe for Melon Salad that so beautiful that I had to make it too. It was so easy to make. I’m jealous of Amy’s perfect melon balls but I’m happy with the way my salad turned out. I’m even going to take some to work tomorrow to have with my lunch. Plus I’ve got extra simple syrup in a jar in the fridge now and I’m excited to find more uses for that.

Why did I not know about how easy it was to make simple syrup? The name should have told me.

Did you know that if you trim the mint in your garden it will grow more? The plant will branch out instead of just growing straight up.

I think this would be a great salad to bring to a cookout. So refreshing!

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