Watch that celery disappear. I’m feeling like I need to prove that my kids do make good choices for food from time to time. A little trick for limp celery is to cut it into sticks and soak it in some water and store it in the fridge. The celery drinks up with water to make it crisp again. My kids love this and devour the celery whenever I do this. They actually love dipping the celery into the water between bites. Give it a try and see how quickly it disappears at your house.

I discovered a great blog called Cooking With My Kid that has some great ideas about dealing with picky eaters. Check out the page on Picky Busters for some excellent ideas. My daughter sat with me as I browsed through some of her recipes and oohed and aahed over several of them including homemade macaroni and cheese. I can’t wait to make it. It would be a great recipe to make ahead for busy nights during the week.