Pick up this tea if you see it at the store.

I think that we’ve established that I love ginger in almost any form. Recently I was gifted some incredible honey ginger tea from Korea. I drank it hot even though it was 90 degrees and I think it might be true what they say about drinking a hot beverage on a hot day. Actually, I don’t remember what they say about that but it was refreshing anyway.

So, I was thinking about ginger and about how much I’m enjoying the candied ginger as a by-product of my homemade ginger ale and even though it’s great on top of granola or yogurt I should be using it in a more creative way. Hence the search of recipes that include candied ginger. I found some really tasty looking options and I’ll write about which one I eventually choose but until then I thought I would share my finding and let you choose for yourself.

Let me know if you try any of these and how it worked out.

I'm thinking that I'll have a surplus of candied ginger considering all the requests for homemade ginger ale I've been getting. I'm open to any other ideas on how to use it.