It’s hot isn’t it? This is a delicious drink that will cool you down on a hot day like today. One of my favorite things from Dunkin Donuts was the Chocolate Coolatta but they don’t make them anymore. I even requested a Chocolate Coolatta as we drove home from the oral surgeon after having four teeth pulled in preparation for braces. Maybe that’s why I think of that drink so fondly. I wish they would put them back on the menu. Hear that Dunkin Donuts? I want you to make Chocolate Coolatta’s again. My best description of them was drinking an icy fudgsicle.  Today I wanted something like that to cool us down and I set out to best replicate that yummy drink. Mine didn’t turn out the same but it was cool and chocolately and everyone here tried it and liked it.

Chocolate Icy Drink

  • 14 ice cubes
  • 2+ cups cold milk
  • 2 oz. chocolate syrup

Fill your blender with the ice cubes.

Pulse the ice cubes until they look like snow.

Add milk and chocolate syrup and blend until combined.

Relax and enjoy this cool drink! Serves 2 adults and 2 children.