I had intended this blog to be all about new recipes that we are trying but I cannot resist telling you all about The Dancing Goat Cafe and Bakery. So, here is my first restaurant review. We have visited The Dancing Goat before and had their freshly baked breads and delicious treats but this year they have really taken their food to a new level of awesome. I just had to share this wonderful place with all of you just in case you ever decide to visit Cape Breton and drive the Cabot Trail. They recently moved to a new location about 100 feet down the road and the new building is much bigger with many tables including outdoor seating. I ate at The Dancing Goat three times during our one week vacation. They must have thought I was loony since I thoroughly photographed everything we ate and the entire restaurant. I drew the line in the restroom but it was very nice as well.

Each time I was there it was very busy. The parking lot was always full and most of the tables were occupied. If you consider that the cafe is pretty much in the middle of the woods that is amazing. I was thrilled that they were having such success which means they will be around for many years for us to enjoy while on vacation. Maybe next year I can talk them into a tour of the kitchen since we found out that a family friend is one of the bakers there. She told us that she’s one of the “old goats” and that she loves working there.

Here is the menu board. Some might say that the menu is limited but I would disagree. When there is less on the menu they can ensure that it is quality food. Too many items means that a restaurant isn't confident in their dishes.

They do have an extensive choice of pastries. Our friend told us that they NEVER have anything leftover at the end of the day. I had a coconut dream bar that was awesome.

On my first visit I had their most popular item, a cranberry almond scone. The scone was the best I have ever eaten. It was so light with just the right balance between the tart cranberries and the sweet sugar topping.

My second visit was for breakfast. The highlights were the multi-grain toast and the blueberry pancakes. The kids were initially put off by the seeds in the bread but once they tried it they loved it and I ended up buying a loaf of bread for home. The pancakes were perfect with a warm, brown sugar, maple syrup sauce that was simply delightful. The kids also had a fresh fruit salad which sold out soon after we ordered. I was told that the breakfast sandwich is one of the most popular breakfast items.

On my third visit it was for lunch with my mother-in-law. We both had the hot chai cider to drink. It smelled so good that we had people from neighboring tables ask what it was.

They make two different kinds of soup each day. I had potato leek soup with cilantro and a half of a cranberry salad.

We were served our food by the owner, Merv, and we asked him about why he named his place The Dancing Goat. He told us that he had an old cookbook that had the story of Kaldi who discovered the coffee plant by the way his goats were energized from eating the fruit. He thought it would be perfect for his cafe because they only serve fair trade fresh ground coffee.

If you happen to be in Cape Breton, make sure you stop in at The Dancing Goat. The food is awesome. The atmosphere is sophisticated and friendly. I can't wait to go back next year.