This photo is a collection of some of the special treats that we’ve brought home from Canada. If I had all these things readily available to me I probably wouldn’t choose to eat them very often but since we have access to them only when we’re in Canada we stock up. Years ago we would come home with huge bags full of chips but once we got them home they would sit in the cupboard going stale. Finally we realized that vacation food should stay on vacation. Do you have special vacation food?

We treat vacation as our chance to truly “pig-out”. Our activities revolve around the next meal or snack and we visit the same restaurants multiple times because we know it’s going to be an entire year before we get to have that food again. It’s nice to take a few things home to share with friends and to enjoy some treats a little after vacation is over.

Our very first priority when we cross the border into Canada is to visit Tim Horton's. It's the best place for great donuts. They even bake them instead of frying them. I got a kick out of the Canada donut. I always have to get a iced cappuccino.

Our favorite restaurant while on vacation is called Mr. Chicken. For years we ignored it but after a recommendation from a friend it has become the staple of our meals on vacation. We ate there three times. They have the best fried chicken I've ever eaten. I won't even eat fried chicken any other time of the year because nothing compares to Mr. Chicken.

Another one of our favorite fast food stops on the road is A&W. I have to have the Teen Burger and a mug of root beer.

I’m glad to be home and not eating at restaurants anymore. While it is fun for a while it gets old pretty quickly.  This weekend I’m planning on cooking up some food inspired by our visit to Canada. Stay tuned.