I haven’t decided if this will be a theme for Fridays just yet and I’m hoping that I won’t have many flops to write about. Honestly many of my recipes don’t work out perfectly. That’s one of the lessons I’m also trying to teach my kids… perseverance. Sometimes you just have to accept that it didn’t work out and move on and try again. Even the recipes that I make on a regular basis turn out to be flops sometimes. I frequently go through spells of a few days when everything I try to cook gets messed up.  Like how I put baking soda instead of baking powder in pancake batter, not just once but several times. Or how about when I burn the meat for tacos because I’m writing a blog post. I’ve made pie crust that was completely inedible and flat cookies because I measured the flour incorrectly.

That lovely photo at the top was an avocado-peach smoothie that I ended up pouring down the drain because I could not stand the taste. Pretty yes but not delicious to me. I tried it but I didn’t like it.

Another recipe we were excited about was homemade fruit roll-ups. It all started out well with my daughter helping out very interested in the entire process and then it went all wrong because my oven is too hot.

I thought I was being so cool making these with both peaches and blueberries. I was hoping for a pretty swirl pattern but even at the lowest temperature my oven is too hot and the fruit roll-ups became blackened fruit shards.

We’ll try to make fruit roll-ups again sometime soon but with the oven off next time. The kids were very excited about making them and it’s such a good idea for school lunches. Until then here are some links to successful fruit roll-ups with beautiful results. Something to aspire to.