See those eggs… those are naturally green. Isn’t that incredibly cool. Those are the first eggs from our efforts collecting acorns for the chickens. My husband’s friend wanted to send us the colorful eggs for the kids. Getting a good photo that properly showcases the color of these eggs was rather difficult. I was so excited about those four little eggs and so were the kids.

We decided to use them for our Friday night breakfast for dinner. We made scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage and toast. The sausage was from Balance Rock Farm and it was delicious. The only thing that could’ve made it more local was to bake my own bread.

The first thing that I noticed upon cracking these eggs was the consistency of the egg white. It was thick and felt like it was suctioned into the shell. The next feature that we found different was the color of the yolk. It was such a bright golden orange.

We also made some scrambled eggs from some regular eggs. The ones on the left are the pastured green eggs and the ones on the right are the store bought eggs. My daughter was the first one to try our special eggs and she gobbled up her serving and asked for more two more times. I would say that she loved the eggs. My husband and I didn’t notice much of a difference in taste but apparently my daughter did and she proceeded to tell us all that they were better than regular eggs.