We’re having a bake sale at work this week to benefit charity. I signed up to bake a breakfast item for this morning. Originally I had planned to make cinnamon rolls but I didn’t feel like getting up early to bake them so I decided to a little bit easier route. That’s where Trader Joe’s frozen chocolate croissants come in. All that you need to do is proof them overnight and then pop them in the oven in the morning for freshly baked chocolate flaky goodness.

The other great thing is that since it’s from Trader Joe’s you can trust that they have quality ingredients. No trans fat and every item on the ingredient list is something recognizable.

Here are the croissants straight out of the freezer.

Check out how much they rise after sitting out to proof overnight.

So my co-workers were extremely impressed with the fancy chocolate croissants. Many of them thought I had made them from scratch. I shared my secret to whomever would ask. But the organizer of the charity bake sale allowed at least one person to believe that I had baked them so I can wow them all again some other time. Sometime I will make my own croissants from scratch but today these were the perfect addition to our bake sale.