Quite a few people have been finding their way to my blog by searching for gingerbread skeleton cookies so I figured that I would post my latest batch of these fun cookies. I always find it interesting to see how people find me and it’s rather amusing to see a link here from someone browsing through page 144 of TasteSpotting. They clicked though 143 pages of gorgeous food and finally got to me. Really I’m honored but that seriously takes some commitment.

I made the cookies last week and froze them so I would only need to decorate them this week. Why is October such a busy month? Parties and school events, meetings and meetings and more meetings. I decided to make some of these into mummies but I made the first batch of glaze much too watery. I bought all the little candy eyeballs that were at the candy store and the kids were itching to eat them.

I thought these ones were a little funny with the puddle of glaze surrounding them. Like they were part of a crime scene.

These cookies will be part of my daughter’s school cake walk and my office’s annual Halloween party. Gingerbread cookies are quickly becoming one of my favorite cookies to bake.