My son requested Princess Leia Cupcakes for his birthday but since we were at Disney World during his birthday he had to make due with a cupcake with a little chocolate Mickey Mouse on it. Instead I made them last weekend to bring over to my sister-in-law’s for dinner.  Our second monthly dinner party went really well. My sister-in-law had the brilliant idea to feed the kids before the adults and to send them back downstairs to play while the adults ate. It made for a much more enjoyable dinner.

These cupcakes were inspired by The Ultimate Star Wars Party by JustJennRecipes. Jenn shows a great step-by-step tutorial here. I wish that I could have done up the whole party but the cupcakes were our favorite part. My nephew was thrilled and he was heard saying “This is the greatest thing ever.” What a sweet boy.

So basically you need to make some vanilla cupcakes. I made them into funfetti cupcakes by adding 2 tablespoons of multi-colored sprinkles. That even fooled my mother-in-law who said “I thought you were going to make the cupcakes from scratch.” Then you make some frosting, adding cocoa powder to a portion leftover after you’ve frosted all the cupcakes in white. I used mini chocolate chips for eyes and a heart-shaped sprinkle for the mouth. For some reason the kids preferred the red mouths over the pink ones. Pipe chocolate frosting in lines to resemble hair and attach two chocolate fudge Oreo’s to the sides of the cupcake.

Then be prepared for your kids to be amazed.