I’m constantly searching for recipes that inspire me. I’ve been pondering the idea of inspiration lately. As a food blogger, inspiration has got to hit me at least three times in order to generate a quality blog post. First I need to find a recipe or ingredient that inspires me, then I’ve got to take a photo that inspires me, and last I’ve got to find some inspiration to write something about the recipe. I find that inspiration comes in spurts with lulls in between but usually the best inspiration is the deadline itself. I really admire the bloggers out there like Annie at Annie’s Eats and Christina at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen who post amazing things nearly daily.

My daughter is completely obsessed with Harry Potter and I love that she’s reading so much. She has finally realized that reading a book is better than watching the movie. The movies are enjoyable but she says that the books have more detail. Whenever I see a movie that is based on a book that I’ve read I’ve got to watch the movie twice to get the full enjoyment out of it.  During the first viewing I spend all my time figuring out what’s different and what’s been left out from the book. The second time I watch that movie I watch it for what it is and no longer spend my time analyzing it.  I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books with my daughter and noticed photos on Foodgawker and TasteSpotting for butterbeer. Now that butterbeer would actually mean something to my daughter we decided that it would a special treat to try to make some.

Upon some limited research I learned that butterbeer historically was beer mixed with an eggnog-like mixture of egg yolks and spices. We couldn’t do beer since this was to be a treat for the kids, I opted for the simplest version I could find. It’s basically a float made with cream soda but no one was complaining about it’s lack of authenticity.


  • vanilla ice cream
  • butterscotch sauce (about 2 tsp.)
  • cream soda

Add a scoop of ice cream to a large glass and then the butterscotch sauce. Pour cream soda over to create a froth and serve with a straw and a spoon.

So this time my inspiration was a beloved children’s book. I’m expecting next week to be inspired by my CSA box which I am so excited to pick up this week. What inspires you? I don’t know about you but once I’m hit by inspiration I’m compelled to follow through with it and there is really no other feeling in the world. It’s like time stops and I’m enveloped by whatever project I’m working on.