This post does not include a recipe. I just had to share these adorable little Hamburger Cookies that were made by my neighbor. She delivered a plate of them to us and the kids were thrilled. It’s all about the assembly and presentation. All the ingredients are store bought cookies and icing with a little green-tinted coconut for lettuce.

My kids have recently been brave enough to eat hamburgers and hot dogs on a bun. They have yet to add any condiments but in time I’m sure they will. My daughter’s motivation was to eat a hot dog like a “normal person” which I think means not like a little kid anymore. For these cookies she was nervous about the sesame seeds on top and the coconut but once I explained that she eats sesame seeds all the time when I make Janna’s Chicken she was okay.

The “buns” are made with Vanilla Wafers and the “hamburgers” are made with Thin Mints.  These cookies are a fun summer treat and would be cool to make for a cookout party.