I’m addicted to Pinterest but also lately have been cruising through Craftgawker on a regular basis. Finally, at the request of my son I changed from a craft lurker to a crafter. Admittedly, I have a crafty side though haven’t indulged in quite some time. Now that I’ve dipped my toe back into the crafting water I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop. So, this blog will feature some of my crafty things from time to time.

These fun little felt donuts were quick and easy to make and the kids were thrilled beyond belief.  The blue donut in the photo above was the one for my daughter. Notice how it is already a little bit worn out? I made that on Friday night and she has been carrying around with her ever since. She brought over to the neighbor’s to play and her friend asked for one too. Her blue donut has been to school to be shared with her class and has slept in her bed. It is safe to say she liked her felt donut.

I love how something so simple entertains my kids. The joke with my daughter was that I was going to make a dozen felt donuts for her for Christmas. She replied “YES! That’s what I want!” How easy is that?

You can find step by step instructions at the Escape Artist blog so I won’t repeat them here. I am planning on using these to teach my kids how to sew. It would be a good incentive for them and the stitching is pretty simple. I found the felt very forgiving.

There you go… my first “crafting” blog post. Please let me know if this is something you’d like to see more of on here. My success with this inspired me to sew the Halloween costumes for the kids this year. Stay tuned and I’ll share my method for creating great Angry Birds costumes.