One of my favorite blogs is This Week for Dinner. Not only does Jane post a weekly update on Sunday listing her menu for the week but she posts all kinds of great recipes and regularly writes about her favorite new things at Trader Joe’s.  A little obsession with Trader Joe’s is a good thing. My husband is not so much a fan of TJ’s but I wish I could do all my shopping there. For one thing, Trader Joe’s does not include any GMO ingredients in their own branded food. I like that. It makes me feel like I can trust them. Another thing that I like is their selection of organic food. There are certain things that you can only get at Trader Joe’s that I seriously can’t live without. Their organic ketchup is divine as well as the jarred peaches, Bourbon vanilla extract, maple syrup, whole grain pita pockets… I could go on and on here. The other thing that I like about TJ’s is that they mix things up and are always adding new items at the stores. The only problem with that is that some of my favorite things get bounced out sometimes… Dutchess Grey Tea!!! (Please bring it back TJ’s.)

This popcorn is a new item and the first time I bought it the cashier commented, “Oh have you tried this yet? It’s awesome.” Oh yeah, the people who work there are nice too. If you haven’t tried out their Popcorn with Herbs and Spices I urge you to. It’s not too strong and has a subtle dill flavor. I am completely addicted to it. Since I don’t go to Trader Joe’s all that often I must look like a crazy person with five big bags of popcorn in my cart. Maybe if enough people buy it they’ll keep it around for awhile. I am concerned that it’s a seasonal item.

No recipe today. Just some love for Trader Joe’s. (I am not in any way compensated by Trader Joe’s for this love except with my enjoyment of their delicious food.)

What about you? What can’t you live without from TJ’s?