The Lean Green BeanA few weeks ago a box was delivered to my house. It was sent to me by a complete stranger, sort of, and contained all kinds of delectable treats for me and my family. Intrigued? I was when I first learned about the Foodie Pen Pal program. Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean developed this fun program and it’s grown to over 1,500 participants. She doesn’t get any financial incentive to run it and I for one thoroughly appreciate the planning and logistics that go into this endeavor.

It’s like getting a care package and you don’t need to go away to college or summer camp or anything. Lindsay assigns a person for you to send a package to and another person will send you a package. There is a $15 spending limit on the contents of the package and you are required to include something written inside.  Totally fun right?

My package came from Jenny at from Los Angeles and it had all sorts of fun and thoughtful stuff. Part of the program includes revealing the contents of the package on your blog on the last day of the month. So here it is:

  • Rose Water: Jenny thought that I could use this in my baking and I can’t wait to try it. Now to find the right recipe. My daughter was so interested that she poured herself a drink of the rose water even though I explained that it’s not really for drinking. I was impressed that she was brave enough to try it.
  • Amethyst Beans: I’ve never seen such a thing before and my son has even agreed to try them once I get around to cooking them.
  • Cinnamon Toast Pretzel Crisps: Sweet and salty deliciousness! I opened them at home but then brought them to work for those moments when I need a snack.
  • Tapioca Pearls: These were clearly the most interesting item in the box according to my kids. They make a popular Boba drink and we tried it the day after we got the package. The cool thing about this program is that these were not something I had ever heard of and because of Jenny we got to try it.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Milk: This was another item my daughter surprised me about. She doesn’t normally eat anything with nuts but was all over this hazelnut milk. I think she drank most of it herself. Now we’ve been searching for it and haven’t been able to find the chocolate variety yet.
  • Chocolate Macaroons: This was the first thing we ate after opening the box. I can’t resist coconut.
  • Plus, a lovely notecard explaining why each item was selected for us!

The day that I received the box my daughter had her friend from across the street over to play. I overheard their game and she was pretending that she was someone from Los Angeles, just like Jenny. Both kids were completely open to trying all the items that Jenny sent, another bonus for the Foodie Pen Pal program. For that alone, I’m planning to continue to participate. Plus it was fun putting together a package for someone else.

If you’re interested in joining the Foodie Pen Pals, visit The Lean Green Bean for all the details. You can read about the box that I sent to Sun at Eat. Host. Run. Style.