It’s that time again… The Foodie Pen Pals Reveal Day. Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean runs this fun program and it’s great fun. I love how I’m making connections all over the country.

My package came from Alisa at Easier Than Pie who lives in Tennesse. Alisa shared some cool things from her favorite shopping spot, International Markets. I must agree that it’s a neat store since I have visited there once while in Illinois. It’s amazing how each Foodie Pen Pals package contains something that I would never have tried otherwise. Alisa sent:

  • Corona Chocolate – for making Mexican hot chocolate which I totally love (which reminds that I need to make some now)
  • Pilon cillo – a hard natural cone of sugar that you need to grate to use. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to.
  • Chana dal – spicy fried chick peas which I’m a little nervous about trying but I will eventually.
  • Masala mixes – one for traditional Indian chicken tikka masala and one for a spicy fried chicken. Both look great.
  • Peanut Laddoo – peanut brittle deliciousness…. perfect for me because I’m having craving for peanuts lately.
  • Almond Crusch Pocky – LOVED this… I’ve never seen this variety before. Pocky is one of my favorite treats.
  • Kranky – chocolate covered corn flakes. I never got a chance to try these because my daughter took off with them only to return an empty package. That made me a little cranky. I’ll take her word that they were yummy.

Kranky before…

Kranky after.

Many thanks to Alisa for a wonderful pen pal package.

The Lean Green Bean

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