roasted edamame 1

I had high hopes for this recipe. I really did… but was a little disappointed with the results. Like most of my recent new recipes, this was spotted on Pinterest. (Check out my Recipe To Do list there.) It was simple, quick and not completely terrible. I’m not sold on the taste of edamame and my family complained about the smell of the parmesan while it was roasting.  I did have a lovely conversation with the cashier at Wegman’s about edamame when I was purchasing the ingredients for this recipe. Francesca’s now my favorite cashier because she is so bubbly and friendly.

Toss it up, roast it, mix it up and done!

Toss it up, roast it, mix it up and done!

Go ahead try out this recipe and let me know what you think. Maybe I just had poor execution this time. I’m not even going to retype the recipe here because it’s so simple. You can find it at: Roasted Edamame from Allrecipes

roasted edamame 2

Sorry Pinterest, nothing can replace popcorn for my movie snack!