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I’m a little bit of a tea freak. I truly believe that a cup of tea can work serious magic. Because I drink tea every day and pretty much rave about how much I love it my kids have started showing interest in trying it out for themselves. Iced tea is a great place to start introducing tea to kids. I drink hot tea in the morning but have been boiling extra water to make iced tea for the afternoon. Lately the kids have been drinking the iced tea without my prompting them and I love it. Tea is so much healthier than juice and way more fun than plain water.

coconut tea

This coconut cocoa tea from Republic of Tea is a mild tea that tastes sweet without needing to add any sugar. Place a tea bag into a large jar and pour boiling water over it. Cover and allow to cool to room temperature before placing in the refrigerator. Once chilled pour over ice and add milk.

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This is one of my favorite varieties of tea and I enjoy it hot as well.  I love how Republic of Tea designs and packages their teas. For some reason a well designed package enhances my appreciation of a product. I’m geeking out over their Downton Abbey English Rose tea that I just noticed on their website. I’ve got a feeling I’ll be ordering some soon and I’ll share a review of it once I try it.