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One of my best methods in getting my kids to change their attitudes about trying new foods is to talk about my favorite things. Because I try new things all the time I make it a point to emphasize when I try something that becomes a new favorite. It works with more than just food too. I declare a glass mug as my favorite mug and the kids are soon fighting over who gets to use it next. Here a four things that are making my heart sing lately.

Beacon Hill tea1. Beacon Hill Fair-Trade Organic Pure Ceylon Tea

I drink a ton of tea and recently learned about the presence of pesticides in non-organic tea from Food Babe. Based on the volume of tea that I drink that article was an awakening for me. Soon after I read about it I decided that I needed to change my tea drinking habits and to only drink organic tea.

Beacon Hill Tea is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka, and this Ceylon tea is called “the champagne of teas” because of its incomparably crisp, clear, and fresh taste.  It is from a single plantation, certified organic and fair-trade. My friend and roommate from university, Rebecca, imports this tea and is a founder of the school that directly benefits from the profits made from selling this tea. So you can feel good about buying this tea.  Not only that, it’s delicious too.

Beacon Hill tea 3

2. Kickstarter

This website fascinates me. I browse through it almost daily. It restores my faith in humanity. Kickstarter is proof that you can take an idea and turn it into reality with the support of kind strangers. I could easily become addicted to supporting Kickstarter campaigns.

3. Reign on The CW

The show is a fictionalized story of the rise to power of Mary Queen of Scots when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis, and with her three best friends as ladies-in-waiting. It is overly dramatic but the scenery and setting is luscious and I love it. Plus it’s got Megan Follows as the Queen of France. I’ve liked her since she played Anne of Green Gables. The only thing that bugs me is that all the characters speak in British accents when they should be using French or Scottish accents.

4. The Desire Map

This books is transforming how I evaluate my life. Accomplishing goals and checking off a to-do list feels good for a moment and then empty because you then need to move onto the next thing. Danielle LaPorte has developed a method for making decisions in your life in relation of how you want to feel. Already I’m focused on different things. Instead of complaining that I’ve got to wash the dishes yet again, I focus on the feeling of peacefulness that having a cleaned up kitchen brings me. I truly admire Danielle’s enthusiasm and leadership.  So far I’ve determined that I want to feel strong, peaceful, and vibrant in my life.

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