WILTW - Powell and Mahoney mojito mix 2

This week I’m loving this vintage original cocktail mixer for mojitos by Powell & Mahoney Limited. Mojitos are one of my favorite mixed drinks and this bottle of sunshine allows me to enjoy a mojito in less than 5 minutes. No muddling and no slicing of limes. Some days just require a mixed drink with dinner and this mixer has helped with that on more than one occasion. In case you are starting to think that I might be a lush I will also mention that a splash of this mixer in a cup of hot or cold peppermint tea also tastes divine.

I love that this is produced in New England and that the bottle has a pretty vintage design. I’m thinking that I need to set aside a section of my fridge for several flavors that I want to try.  I’ve got my eye on the ginger flavor for my next bottle. I’ve had a bottle of white rum in my liquor cabinet for almost 2 years and this bottle of mojito mixer finally got me to crack the seal.

WILTW - Powell and Mahoney mojito mix 3