WILTW-Numi Chocolate Earl Grey 1Tea

This week I’m loving more tea. It’s Chocolate Earl Grey by Numi Organic Tea. This weekend I was restocking my current everyday tea of Numi’s Golden Chai and next to it on the store shelf was this new Chocolate Earl Grey. The white box grabbed my attention and it took about three seconds for me to decide to grab it for myself. I’m so glad that I did because it’s awesome. My first sip filled with my senses with orange and chocolate scents and I was reminded of those chocolate oranges that my husband buys me for Christmas. It’s got to be a dark chocolate orange and it’s so fun to smash the orange to break it into pieces. Getting off track here…

This tea is part of Numi’s new Indulgent Tea line and I agree with the use of the word indulgent. Not only does it have organic orange peel and organic bergamot oil which is expected with an earl grey blend but it’s also got organic vanilla beans which adds another layer to the scent and flavor of the chocolate. It’s certainly indulgent. This is not a tea to gulp down in a hurry. It’s meant to be sipped and before each sip you must pause to inhale the fragrance of the cocoa, orange and vanilla. I’ve been enjoying my cuppa as a respite from busy days.

WILTW-Numi Chocolate Earl Grey Tea

There is a lot to love about Numi Organic Tea. Mostly that all their teas are made with organic ingredients. Someday soon I’m planning to test out one of their savory teas which are very intriguing to me.