WILTW-quotation art 2


This week I’m loving making this hand-lettered artwork. One might call it an obsession. As soon as I finish one of my pieces I’m planning out the next one. Someone else might call it inspiration. Whatever you might want to call it, it doesn’t matter because I’m loving creating this artwork. This story starts with Doodlers Anonymous, a website that I follow, for submissions for their next coloring book. The coloring books look so cool and last year I submitted several pieces but none were selected. Not getting my hopes up this year either because I only submitted one drawing and I don’t think that it was my best work. Plus DA reportedly received 1,400 submissions. I’m glad I’m not the one sorting through and choosing because that will be one tough job. The other good thing is that ever since, I’ve  been consumed with making more and more of these hand-lettered pieces.  Not sure what I’m going to do with them but as long as I’m inspired I’m going to keep producing.

WILTW-quotation art 3

It has turned into a sort of meditation for me. I love finding the right quote for the moment and then adding a repeating pattern in the background. As I draw I’m reminded of my fourth grade teacher who pulled me off a group art project because she said that my lines were not smooth or straight enough. If I had pay attention to her I never would be the artist that I am today.

WILTW-quotation art 1