WILTW-fiskars kitchen scissors

This week I’m loving my Fiskars kitchen scissors. I actually own three sets of these scissors because I use them all the time. Every piece of chicken that I cook first gets trimmed with a pair of these scissors. I also use them for opening up packages of meat and for snipping fresh herbs. The best thing about the scissors is that they come apart for easy cleaning. If they break, you can send them back to Fiskars and they will send a replacement for free.

I’m a little put out that the US version of the Fiskars website doesn’t list these scissors but they are available in various other countries like Australia, Estonia or Finland among others. So if you want some scissors like these you need to purchase them from Amazon.com.  You can even buy a 6-pack which is exciting to me.

I have other kitchen scissors but they don’t come apart for cleaning so the other set only serve as my last resort if the other 3 pairs of scissors are in the dishwasher at the same time. These scissors aren’t a new item in my kitchen but they are definitely an item that I can’t live without.