WILTW-making puzzles

This week I’m loving making puzzles with the family. Husband was perturbed with our collective addiction to electronic devices and television and these puzzles were the ointment for his burn. It’s especially great now that we have a dedicated dining room with a table that is rarely used so we can leave out the puzzle until it’s done. That wasn’t possible in our previous house. Yes, I know that there are other solutions that allow you to put away a partially made puzzle but thankfully we don’t need that. These puzzles drew the kids away from the Kindle/iPod/iPad/etc. My daughter who plops herself right in front of the TV after school headed straight for the dining room one day declaring that she needed to get the puzzle finished.


I highly recommend these great quality puzzles. My favorite is the Charley Harper puzzle because I love his artwork. The family puzzle is fun because the sizes of the pieces are varied which allows even the little ones to get involved. My wish for you this holiday is to go out and buy a puzzle for a present. There might be some instances of annoyances like when my son hums the entire time that he’s searching for a piece but you’ll find that the bonding time will outweigh the disturbances.