WILTW-Christmas in Paris herbal tea

It’s tea again! This week I’m loving Christmas in Paris herbal tea by Stash. Stash tea is why I’m a tea freak. My aunt would visit from the States and nearly always brought us some delicious tea to try. One time she brought a box of Ruby Mist tea and I was instantly hooked. I always thought that Stash tea tasted so much better than the stuff we would buy in Canada because of the packaging. Individually wrapped tea bags retain their flavor so much better than a big box full of tea bags.

This Christmas in Paris tea appears to be the current most popular tea from looking at the Stash website. It appears first when the tea is sorted by Top Selling. For good reason… it’s fantastic! The ingredients are cocoa shells, peppermint, lavender, chocolate flavor, and vanilla extract. It’s like a cup of decadence without any calories. When I’ve found myself craving a hunk of dark chocolate I’ve sipped a cup of this tea and my craving was immediately satisfied. It’s only slightly caffeinated from the cocoa shells so it can be enjoyed any time of the day or night. Don’t despair that this is only available around the holidays because Stash told me via Twitter that you can order this tea year-round.

stash tea tweet

WILTW-Christmas in Paris herbal tea 1

My only wish for this tea is prettier packaging. Why not design the box with at least an Eiffel Tower on it? Speaking about design, I could look at the different options for mugs and tea cups on the Stash website all day long. The designs vary from proper tea cups to fun and funky. Sasquatch mug anyone? My fantasy is that I have unlimited cabinet space and would be able to buy every different cup or mug that Stash sells. Man, that would be so cool! The right mug with the right tea in it is like wearing the perfect cozy sweater. Or you could just buy the cozy cable knit mug.