popcorn with olive oil

This week I’m loving homemade popcorn with basil olive oil.  Take some plain popcorn, drizzle the olive oil over it and season with salt and pepper. It’s all at once fancy and homey.

popcorn with olive oil 1I make a quick batch of popcorn by throwing a few handfuls of popcorn into a small paper bag. Then I fold the top over and microwave the bag for 90 seconds. The popcorn will still have some un-popped kernels in the bottom of the bag but I’ve found that 90 seconds is the perfect amount of time to prevent the popcorn from burning. I think that one of the worst smells in the world is burned popcorn. The paper bag should be a heavier paper than the bag you get when you buy a bottle of wine. I have a pack of brown-paper treat bags that I bought at Target specifically to make popcorn. You can use a light-weight paper bag but just be aware that you risk the force of the popping popcorn breaking through the bottom of the bag. With the thicker paper bags you can use the same bag over and over.

My basil olive oil was purchased at Saratoga Olive Oil Co. during a trip to Burlington, Vermont but you can use plain olive oil on your popcorn as well. Those fancy olive oil stores are crazy and fun. I love that you can taste all the different flavors in the store. They even had a batch of waffles made with orange flavored olive oil on the day that I visited. Delicious!


I especially love eating this fabulous popcorn while sitting in front of a fire. Isn’t that a wonderful scene?