WILTW-Woodstock black mission figs 1

This week I’m loving black mission figs from Woodstock Foods.  I’ve been reluctant to write about these delicious dried fruit because honestly they look like turds on the plate. Instead I’m celebrating the turd-like appeal to my kids but they have yet to taste them. When I was a kid my mom would buy the hard figs that were strung together in a circle and wrapped in cellophane.  I loved them but my jaw was always sore after eating them.  I’m sure that they were extra dried and hardened because they had traveled from Greece to Northern Ontario where we were one of a few people who would purchase them.

WILTW-Woodstock black mission figs 4These figs are not like those ones. First they are soft and tender. Sure they look like turds but soft and tender ones. Second they are super sweet. The bag says “Sweeter than honey!” Lastly they are organic and a product of USA.

My goal is to get both of my kids to taste the figs. I just asked my daughter if I could bribe her to try one and how much it would take. She said “Not for five dollars but if you gave me twenty dollars, I would think about it.”

I’ll be going broke getting this kid to try new foods. Pretty sure I can negotiate her down on that price. (Bribery is not my go-to strategy but sometimes it does work.)

Since I’m still doing my best to avoid processed sugar, these deliciously sweet figs have been a perfect solution for when I’m craving something sweet. Now I need to find a recipe that will utilize them. Maybe then the kids would try them.