WILTW-roasted chickpeas

This week I’m loving crispy crunchy chickpeas from The Good Bean.  I started a new job several weeks ago and it has been quite a change. My previous job had an extensive snack table and I was spoiled by always having food readily available. After a few hungry days at the new job I decided that I needed to stock my desk with some healthy snacks. These roasted chickpeas are substantial enough to satisfy my mid-afternoon grumbling tummy to sustain me until dinner time.  Otherwise I’m eating everything in my sight by the time I arrive home from work.

WILTW-The Good Bean WILTW-the good bean BBQ chickpeas

I’ve tried three flavors so far and I’ve loved them all. My favorite for work is the sea salt variety but the spiciness of the smoky chili & lime flavor is great too.  Strangely I’ve never really liked chickpeas but when they are roasted like these ones I can’t get enough. After looking at The Good Bean website I will be ordering some chocolate ones to try.

WILTW-the Good Bean chickpeas

I also enjoy these roasted chickpeas on top of a salad for a crunchy addition on a salad.