This weekend was my daughter’s 7th birthday and it’s been crazy around here so we made due with a cake mix for her birthday cake. She asked for funfetti cake but I only had a french vanilla one in the cupboard so we stirred in some sprinkles and it worked out great. It was not a pretty cake but it is more than half way gone and that’s a sign that it tastes good. Nothing like the cupcakes that I made for her last year.

Birthday cupcakes from last year.

This morning I made some blueberry banana smoothies and (YAY!!!) my four-year-old decided to try it and he loved it. My seven-year-old objected to the use of banana but seemed intrigued. It was a nice simple recipe from Martha Stewart ‘s Everyday Food cookbook. I let him hit the button on the blender and he felt like he helped make them. We’ll be making smoothies all week because I also made homemade yogurt today. I used a recipe from a Jamie Oliver cookbook that I borrowed from the library. That recipe was even easier than the smoothie. But it made a LOT of yogurt. You start with 4 1/2 cups of whole milk, bring that to a boil in a large pot, turn off the heat, let it sit for 40 minutes, then add 16 oz. of plain yogurt. Next you cover the pot and let it sit at room temperature 6 to 8 hours. How easy is that? Now I’ve got 6 1/2 cups of yogurt and I’m thinking that it is more than I’ll need for smoothies. I’ve got to get going on my search for recipes that use this yogurt.

Beautiful purple!

That's a lot of yogurt.