chicken salad with herb infused vinegar (800x449)

As we approach the end of the summer here’s one way to bottle the freshness of herbs to use all year long. It’s so easy that it’s ridiculous. I read online that the best way for getting your herb garden to produce lots of leafy greens is to prune the flowers from the plant as soon as you see them. I don’t have a green thumb so I need all the help I can get. I swear that pruning off the flowers works in getting the herb plant to flourish but I felt bad about discarding the flowers. That’s when I decided to save my dill flowers in a jar of vinegar. After a couple of weeks the vinegar is infused with a delightful dill flavor. I’ve been using it in salad dressings and in sandwiches these last few weeks and it’s delicious.

herb infused vinegar (800x800)

Simply pour your favorite type of vinegar over some dill flowers and wait a couple of weeks. You can add more dill flowers as they grow and additional vinegar as you use it. Or drop in some chive flowers for more flavor.

chicken salad (800x533)

For the chicken salad sandwich in the photo at the top I mixed a couple of teaspoons of infused vinegar with mayo added some freshly snipped dill and veggies and spooned the chicken salad over toast. It was seriously the best chicken salad sandwich that I’ve ever had.